Staffing’s Future: A View from the Top

February 17, 2021
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RGP CEO Kate Duchene was named to Staffing Industry Analysts’ (SIA) 10th annual Staffing 100 List of influencers for 2021. It’s Duchene’s first time on the Staffing 100 List—with other industry influencers who’ve demonstrated positive impact on the workforce ecosystem—and follows her inclusion on SIA’s Global Power 150 Women in Staffing List for 2020.

A workplace and workforce subject matter expert with extensive business and legal experience in the staffing sector, she recently contributed an op-ed article for SIA’s online blog, “The Staffing Stream.”

She discussed what she sees as the future of staffing and three megatrends that are shaping what that future will look like. Here are excerpts from her op-ed.

Today’s Now of Work Is Staffing’s Future

The events of the past year have been more an accelerant of staffing trends already underway, rather than a first-time catalyst.

In 2021, three trends, in particular, will drive how fast the changes we’re seeing will continue, even becoming permanent over time.

Long before COVID, employees were looking for more workplace flexibility. Many got just that in 2020 and look for even more in the future. With almost half the US workforce estimated to be working from home by 2027, look for talent to be even more borderless in the future. Finally, with generational changes—including millennials and Gen Z now the majority—human-first purpose will be a major driver in staffing careers.

The Impact on Staffing

What’s the key to holding these Fifth Industrial Revolution forces of high tech and high touch together? Adapt quickly and nurture a vibrant company culture. The best place to start? Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, in my opinion. People crave employment security, a sense of belonging to something bigger than themselves, and recognition for a job well done. Meet those needs, and you’re on your way to a better culture where employees can be more self-actualized. Not easy in a world where high-touch isn’t always possible, but not impossible either.

Changes long underway in the staffing industry are becoming reality faster than ever before. We should embrace many of those changes, and I look forward to chronicling how staffing can thrive as a force for good in the new economy.

Kate Duchene is the CEO of Resources Global Professionals (RGP), a publicly held global consulting firm enabling rapid business outcomes by bringing together the right people to create transformative change. She previously was an employment attorney for a global law firm.

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