Our Capabilities to Help You
Confront COVID-19

Now more than ever, human agility is a critical driver of business continuity and resilience. And RGP’s founding principle is to provide the very human agility your company needs right now.

As you confront today’s unprecedented challenges, our agile model is poised to support your organization. We’re able to deploy both globally and virtually to help stabilize your operations and key initiatives that have been impacted by travel and movement restrictions. We recently helped our client in Japan move critical technology transformation work from Tokyo to New Jersey when Japan was most seriously impacted by work-from-home and business travel disruption.

Earlier this year—before we knew we’d be in the midst of a global pandemic—we actively shifted to a more virtual operating model. We established virtual work policies, including the rollout of new technology and cloud-based collaboration tools, such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Box and Smartsheet. For example, one of our financial services clients needed help closing their books, knowing they’d have to do that remotely. We quickly mobilized a team, plan and modalities for virtual execution…then we were off and running!

While there’s no elixir for the unknown, we offer flexibility that is a precious commodity in today’s world. Whether your business is thriving or struggling in response to the current COVID-19 environment, here’s how we can help.


Our battle-tested PM consultants have successfully delivered during crisis with limited oversight.

Portfolio/Operational Prioritization

  • Support new priorities, urgent demands and constrained capacity.
  • Assess existing programs/projects.
  • Lean/Agile PMs and leaders:
    • Redeploy existing teams to new areas of highest need.
    • Facilitate reorganization and redeployment.
  • Lean/Agile prioritization: Facilitate an effective prioritization process to help rapidly deploy resources to critical organizational functions.
  • Lean/Agile coaches and portfolio managers: Ensure teams can maintain the flow of product development to make the most effective use of limited resources.


  • Deliver COVID-19 financial health assessment with actionable next steps.
  • Provide a proactive way to address how to persevere and regain business continuity.
  • Third-party spend analysis to help identify cost-saving opportunities aligned to strategic growth.
  • Advice and negotiation support for loan/vendor/supplier agreements and contracts.

Bankruptcy: Guide you through every stage of the bankruptcy process, from assessment and first-day motions, to claims management and beyond.


  • Integration Management Office: Deliver experienced integration leaders to manage the process and assist with achieving strategic acquisition synergies.
  • Functional Integration Planning and Execution: Provide experienced M&A professionals to help lead or support integration planning or to execute on integration activities.
  • M&A Playbook: Create a repeatable process to support upcoming or ongoing acquisitions.

Separation: Provide added resource capacity to execute a separation with our experienced consultants who can help navigate the separation of business processes, identifying, pricing and negotiating transition services and managing the process.

  • Support leaders by developing critical communications, quickly identify impacts.
  • Assist employee engagement and their journey in navigating the changes.
  • Develop training for new processes and ways of doing business.
  • Support new demands and/or projects whose communication and training resources have been redeployed to support critical operational needs.
  • Provide critical impact analysis, change communication and training needs for restructuring, integration or shutdown.
  • Period-end close optimization
  • BlackLine (automation and remote close)
  • Other process optimization to free up resources needed elsewhere (e.g., O2C, P2P, A2R, H2R)
  • Impacts on financial statements, reporting and disclosures
  • Contract review/modifications
  • Lease discovery
  • System selection and implementation
  • Lease data abstraction
  • Tax return compliance
  • Audit support
  • Change in equity plans and/or resource constraints
  • Turn-key solution for outsourced daily equity administration and ongoing equity accounting
  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and offshore
  • Organizational scale
  • Planned audits and SOX compliance
  • Risk assessment refresh
  • Agile IA projects
  • Automation for Control Assurance
  • Mitigate security and privacy concerns with increased remote access.
  • Reduce risk of excessive access for rapidly added new employees.
  • Strengthen weak data governance for dispersed remote data access.
  • Prevent lingering unauthorized access for terminated employees.
  • TPR/vendor management: vendor due diligence, contracting and contract compliance
  • Recovery audit and prevention: spend analysis in rapid increases in supply chain purchase
  • Business Continuity Planning: BCP preparedness post-mortem and improvement planning
  • Loan Application Processing
  • Compliance Monitoring
  • Transaction Reporting
  • Fraud Red-Flag Detection
  • Agile Control Testing
  • Quality Assurance Services
  • Operational Support
  • Accounting and Tax Reporting Support
  • Risk Management

Plan for the range of possible challenges and opportunities in what will be a changed and fluid environment.

Enable organizations to predict the financial implications of changing global and market macroeconomics, events and consumer sentiment.

Evaluate changes in customer preferences and behaviors. Identify products that are most likely to sell and deliver margin with the ‘new customer.’ Determine what adjustments should be made to your product portfolio and pricing.

Navigate the unknown (next normal) to reduce decision risk and identify the next “black swan.”

  • Creating a modern employee experience and digital workplace is crucial for enterprises, especially in this environment of rapid change and remote work.
  • For enterprises focusing on employee engagement, productivity, and innovation, we’ve partnered with Akumina.
  • Leveraging Akumina empowers your enterprise to quickly create personalized digital experiences that help every employee in every role work smarter, not harder.
  • Through Akumina, we gain the ability to abstract key collaboration features of Office 365 into a widget framework to create a consolidated and consistent user experience across SharePoint online, Teams, Outlook, Media Library, and more.
  • Accelerate transformative workplace experiences such as modern intranets, digital dashboards, and mobile applications focused on employee engagement, productivity, and innovation.

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  • Manage the complex workflows required to keep employees healthy and workplaces safe with the Safe Workplace app suite, powered by the Now Platform.
  • Our ServiceNow Premier certified partnership equips us with industry leading technology for improving process, enabling cloud computing and increasing the speed of workflow.
  • Leveraging the power of ServiceNow, we are helping companies create more modern and adaptable work environments by automating traditional manual or paper-based work functions into a seamless digital interface.
  • These tailored end-to end solutions cover a variety of strategy and advisory services surrounding Service Management concepts such as CSM optimization, ITSM enhancement, service portal, and Now Platform App Engine.
  • End-to-end Platform Implementation Services including ITSM, Customer Service Management, HR Onboarding, Case Management, Service Desk, Integrations, Custom Development, User Experience, Solution Architecture, and Managed Services support.

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  • Traditional businesses, and others, are realizing that they need to shift as quickly as possible to more adaptable and agile solutions that are fully digitally enabled.
  • Utilizing our strong industry domain, enterprise technical knowledge, and strategic design solutions, we help companies embrace transformation.
  • As digital technologies and customer needs continue to evolve, the face of business, both internally and externally, does as well.
  • As a forward-focused company, we are always anticipating the next-generation business model.
  • Design a digital transformation blueprint, including Digital Maturity and Business Model Assessments, Transformation Strategy and Implementation Plans, Experience Design, and Digital Acceleration Toolkits.

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  • SBA Process Execution, Scaling and Compliance Enablement
    • Loan application processing and quality control
    • Transaction reporting
    • Fraud red-flag detection
    • Regulatory compliance
    • Agile controls/audit testing and remediation
    • Operational risk management
    • Accounting and tax reporting and analytics
  • Claims to Cash: Enabling Claims/Funding Cash Recoveries
    • COVID-19 PMO management
    • Revenue and expense data analytics related to COVID-19 impact
    • Claims preparation, data gathering and presentation
    • Technology enhancements
    • Communications and crisis management
    • Legal support
  • Client onboarding (KYC/AML/BSA/OFAC process, people, controls and technology enhancements)
  • Digital/mobile UX/UI
  • BPM/process workflow automation
  • Product pricing optimization
  • 360-degree customer view
  • Portfolio analytics and dashboarding
  • Data strategy, governance, architecture, lineage, metadata and quality
  • Predictive/prescriptive analytics
  • Presentation/visualization
  • Data and analytics subject matter experts and execution
  • Lean and Agile process improvement and automation
  • Change management
  • PMO management
  • Core platform/digital transformation
  • RPA and intelligent automation
  • Procurement spend optimization
  • CAT, LIBOR, CECL, US GAAP, IFRS remediation and deployment
  • Technical accounting, FP&A, tax, and compliance subject matter experts and execution
  • Regulatory business intelligence (BI)
  • Operational risk management
  • Program and project management/PMO execution
  • Lean-Agile program management
  • Change management
  • IT business management/BPM automation
  • Cloud enablement/fintech
  • SAP, Oracle, Workday optimization and subject matter experts
  • Business resiliency renovation
  • Execute digital/agile audits
  • Execute risk control self-assessments
  • Internal audit subject matter experts and co-sourcing
  • Advanced data and analytics
  • Data privacy, security and cyber assessments and remediation
  • RPA and intelligent automation
  • Third-party risk management
  • Project Management and Coordination
  • Data Collection and related Analytics
  • Clinical Documentation
  • COVID-19 Coding
  • Revenue Cycle Operations
  • Medicare/Medicaid Reimbursement
  • Denial Management
  • Telehealth Technology Deployment

Reporting on the effects and risks of COVID-19 on:

  • Businesses
  • Financial condition
  • Results of Operations
  • Process Management
  • Process Transformation
  • Retroactive and Proactive Data Collection
  • Application
  • Cost Recovery
  • Expense Monitoring
  • Operations Impact
  • Data Gathering
  • Pro-fee Increases
  • Advanced payments
  • Sequester relief
  • Lab test impacts
  • Set-up
  • Infrastructure
  • Training
  • Billing/Coding

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