Office Work Will Never Be the Same

May 21, 2020
by VOX

When the world eventually opens back up after the Covid-19 pandemic, many parts of society, the economy, and the workplace will not be what we remember. For so-called knowledge workers, people whose jobs typically require analytical thinking as well as computers, not only will their offices look different, but the way in which they work will be altered, too. It might never be the same.

The pandemic brought us more meetings, longer hours, and remote everything. Our CEO Kate Duchene shares insights on what’s happening – and what’s next – for the Future of Work in this featured story on Vox.

“Many, many companies had to pivot hard and fast,” Kate Duchene, CEO of consulting firm Resources Global Professionals, told Recode. “We were all hyper-concerned about productivity, connectivity, and accountability, so we scheduled the hell out of each other.”

“Now we’re taking stock: Do we need all those meetings and do they all need to be video? I think we will see the pendulum moderate.”

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