Coronavirus Update

March 13, 2020
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Last updated March 13, 2020


Dear Fellow Human,

Over the last weeks, RGP has been actively taking measures to respond to—and act in anticipation of—the 2019 Novel Coronavirus’s continued spread across the globe.

With the World Health Organization (WHO) now declaring Coronavirus a pandemic, as well as U.S. federal government and private sector officials taking extraordinary measures to ensure public safety during this national emergency, I wanted to outline the steps we’ve taken throughout these latest developments.

First, we’ve been engaging our Business Continuity Team (BCT) to continuously monitor relevant information sources including the WHO, US Centers for Disease Control (CDC), as well as other federal, state, and local authorities for updates and have taken immediate actions based on their guidelines and directives. We’ve additionally been using our in-house project management tools to plan, track and execute all business continuity actions.

I’m very proud of how all who work at RGP are responding to the COVID-19 crisis with agility and resiliency. The ways in which we connect with each other during good times and bad are at the heart of our human-first approach to our work and we remain resolute in our commitment to deliver the timely, quality service you expect from our firm.

Second, we’ve been reaching out to clients around the globe to partner with them to ensure business continuity. Steps have included:

  • Proactively reaching out to clients globally regarding RGP’s health and safety protocols.
  • Ensuring compliance with clients’ business continuity plans.
  • Working cooperatively with clients to find new work arrangements that best meet changing needs on the ground.

Third, we’ve been communicating directly with RGP personnel, third party providers as well as independent contractors as developments warrant. Recent communications have included the following guidelines and directives:

  • Restricting all global travel. Restricting all domestic travel for the next two weeks, to be updated as needed.
  • Encouraging the use of online digital collaboration tools in place of face-to-face meetings (see below).
  • Implementing work-from-home protocols.
  • Workplace health & safety measures based on WHO/CDC recommendations.
  • Informing employees of a variety of health and benefit resources, including access to virtual health providers.

Fourth, we’ve also been leveraging our digital capabilities. Steps have included ensuring the reliability of our virtual work collaboration tools—both internally and with clients—as well as creating an internal portal site where employees can access the latest companywide updates on the pandemic as well as information relevant to their specific location or division.

My priority remains the health and well-being of each member of the RGP family around the world, as well as our valued clients and vendors. And please know that we are well prepared to help you and your business navigate the complexities of macro-events like those today—and in the future. We work with clients across the globe to problem solve and share practices from different industries. Over the past two decades, we’ve encountered many different scenarios in all parts of the world. Right now, we are guiding our Asia Pac business and clients back to more standard operating environments. If you have a particular challenge or problem, call us. We want to help any way we can.

We will continue to update all RGP stakeholders on this page as events warrant. In the meantime, please contact your RGP team member with any questions or needs anytime.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out anytime.

Stay safe and healthy!

Kate Duchene

February 28, 2020 Update

Dear Fellow Human,

We continue to closely monitor the ongoing situation with the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) which was first detected in China and has since spread to many other locations across the world.

As a global enterprise operating across several continents, our number-one priority remains the health, safety and well-being of RGP’s employees and our client colleagues everywhere we do business.

Our teams have already reached out to select clients in affected regions and our Business Continuity Team stands ready to help prioritize client deliverables as well as determine the ability of employees to continue working safely wherever and whenever possible based on recommendations from global, national and local health and labor officials.

We’re currently leveraging a combination of reliable resources, including updates and recommendations from the following organizations:

RGP is uniquely positioned with an agile global workforce to partner with our clients and assist them where they may be experiencing hurdles with ongoing business in impacted areas.

We look forward to working with all stakeholders—clients, employees, business partners and others—to find human-first, agile solutions that balance personal safety, business continuity, and peace of mind as rapidly evolving circumstances warrant.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Kate Duchene


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