Katy Conway to Serve as RGP’s First Chief People Officer (CPO)

February 5, 2020
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RGP today announced that its Board has approved the appointment of Katy Conway as the company’s new Chief People Officer (CPO).

Conway, who previously served as RGP’s Senior Vice President for Talent, will fill the newly created CPO post and will be responsible for aligning RGP’s people strategies with the company’s strategic plan.

Her new responsibilities will include:

  • Optimizing people-centered activities such as hiring, training, rewarding and developing in support of the company’s growth and bottom line.
  • Promoting culture as RGP’s competitive advantage, instilling organizational trust, as well as driving innovation and engagement through policies and programs that map back to the corporate mission.
  • Providing a best-in-class employee experience and an exciting candidate-centric recruiting experience as RGP attracts and onboards the best-and-brightest as an employer of choice in this new ecosystem of work.

Kate Duchene, CEO of RGP, said: “I believe Katy will do a tremendous job in this new role aligning her experience, her energy, and her drive perfectly with RGP’s purpose: human agility ignites opportunity and impact. When clients have spoken of RGP, they’ve told us: ‘You’re the people we want in the canoe with us because you put our problem first.’ With Katy serving as our new Chief People Officer, the RGP team in that canoe just got stronger as our commitment to people became clearer.”

Katy Conway, RGP’s new CPO, said: “I look forward to serving as RGP’s Chief People Officer and to further aligning our people-focused activities with the company’s strategic objectives. I also look forward to using RGP’s unique culture as a market advantage as well as helping us continue to define what the agile workplace of the future will look like.”


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