Planning Tomorrow’s Workforce Today—Insights for HR Professionals

October 1, 2020
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Chief Human Resources Officers (CHROs) and other HR professionals already know they have to create blended workforces and workplaces in the wake of today’s global pandemic.

The question is no longer why. It’s how.

In their article in, RGP’s Chief Operating Officer Tim Brackney and Chief People Officer Katy Conway provide a blueprint to help. They detail a three-step process that includes hiring, engaging and “sharpening the saw.”

During hiring—in addition to the usual questions about qualifications and cultural fit—HR pros should also learn more about candidates’ ability to adjust to today’s more flexible workplaces. Are they ok with minimum supervision or perhaps never meeting their boss in person? Better to find out early.

Once hired, engagement means focusing on collaboration and delivery, not where teammates reside. They add that it’s also possible to build team esprit de corps and deepen company culture via creative online engagement.

And finally, it’s important to help employees sharpen the saw by creating “moments that matter”—marking major career and personal milestones—as well as ensuring employees’ overall wellness by creating an environment of support and a shield from vulnerability.


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