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New Year, New Career: COVID’s Impact & Future Trends

Early in the global pandemic, executive searches slowed down significantly with the exception of the tech sector, which remained active. With 2021 already begun, hiring is already back to pre-pandemic levels. In this Q&A, RGP Head of Executive Search Maria Martindale outlines what she sees ahead.

Agile Audit: Delivering Real-time Insights & Value

If there was ever a year to be “agile” it was 2020. Fortunately, Agile and developing an agile mindset is not a new concept—it’s been around for decades. However, the importance of taking the concepts of business agility and applying them in a pragmatic way has never been more relevant.

20 for ‘20: Top Insights, News & Success Stories in a Year of Crisis

Unprecedented. New normal. Uncharted territory. Even our vocabulary has stretched to the limit in 2020, as we’ve struggled to describe the COVID-19 reality that suddenly confronted us. As we near the end of this year like none other, we look back on what we’ve experienced—and on what we’ve learned.

Is It Time to Revisit Your Business Continuity Plan?

In a perfect world, you’re ready for business disruption when it happens because you’ve prepared through structured testing and table-top exercises. Well, were you ready for COVID-19? If not, there’s no better time to revisit your business continuity plan before the next disaster strikes.