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Supporting Your Workforce in a Post-COVID World

The concept of “business as usual” might seem like a quaint oxymoron today. But as we begin moving beyond the first stage of pandemic response, business leaders must reimagine what usual looks like—and be ready to guide transformation during the post-COVID recovery.

How to Flatten Tomorrow’s Risk Curve with Strong Internal Controls

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a sudden, extreme impact on the global business environment, creating extreme downturns as well as surges in demand. Whether your business is thriving or struggling, your risk profile has almost certainly changed—and so have the considerations for risk management, compliance matters and internal controls.

Healthcare’s Front Line —
And New Bottom Line

New Yorkers do it at 7 p.m. Floridians at 8. Each evening, they and others around the country go to their windows or outside—to applaud. Blue Angels jets have roared overhead nationwide in tribute. And social media is flooded with heartfelt well wishes from around the globe.

Why RPA Is a Must-Have for CFOs of the Future

With business evolving at a breathtaking pace, finance leaders are under increasing pressure to optimize operations and deliver valuable business insights. See why automation is becoming a must-have tool for today’s CFO in this conversation with our VP of Finance Transformation, Andy Jones.

Surviving the Crisis: Financial Health Assessment

Companies in hard-hit sectors like retail were reeling long before the COVID-19 outbreak. The pandemic only added to the pain they were feeling from the impact of e-commerce and other market disruptions. Now, the downward pressure has spread far and wide.

Data & Analytics: The ‘Holy Grail’ During Business Disruption

Most companies are realizing that the data they need in these uncertain times is either (1) not readily available, (2) not in a usable form, or (3) not the desired quality to be actionable. If the only constant is change, how can businesses use data to transform and adapt in a volatile environment?

Looking Forward to
“Next Normal”

This installment of our “Virtually Yours” missives is from Chief People Officer, Katy Conway. She’s working around the clock to ensure the humans of RGP are staying safe and able to be productive. She sent an inspiring note of how far we’ve come and how we’ll grow stronger and more resilient.