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We're Evolving the Working World.

What experts today call the Future of Work has long been RGP's founding principle-the right resources aligned to the right work with a premium place on value, efficiency and ease of use.


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Pioneering Disruption
Founded in 1996, RGP was born from the idea of helping finance executives satisfy operational needs created by gaps in the workforce.

Our first-to-market, agile human capital model disrupted the professional services industry at a time when traditional models prevailed. We deployed experienced professionals and embedded them in our clients’ businesses to work at their direction. The passage of Sarbanes Oxley fueled our growth in those early days, as we mobilized teams to assist clients with the development, testing and remediation of internal controls systems. Word of our ability to seamlessly integrate into a company’s culture while effecting transformative business change quickly spread, and we soon found ourselves supporting IT, HR, Legal and Supply Chain executives.

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The Human Capital Partner
Today’s pronounced democratization of knowledge, combined with the shift from role-based to project-based work, has created an unprecedented disruption in workforce strategy, and a demand for a sophisticated partner to help navigate the new reality. By tapping into our agile workforce, we are uniquely positioned to support organizations, big and small, on their transformation journey. With speed to market as imperative as ever, we are the human capital partner to deliver. We are the Future of Work.
Arguably, RGP realized the business model for the Future of Work before it became popular.
Our Mantra: To the Power of Human

Like the Power of Hydrogen (pH), RGP has the unique ability to bind attracting elements together and transform them into something new. Our elements are our people.

At RGP, we enable rapid business outcomes by bringing together the right people who together create transformative change.

  • (pH) is the human chemistry of business in which RGP specializes.
  • (p) is the human-driven firepower RGP brings to co-create and collaborate with clients, fueling rapid, real-time results.
  • (H) is the human element, our expertise.
The Future of Work is about People

From 20+ years of helping clients solve problems, we know technology alone can’t address today’s complex business challenges. Human experience and ingenuity remain critical elements of successful transformation, and today’s top talent wants to work differently: Discrete projects, not roles; impact without bureaucracy; a portfolio-driven career path. Thriving companies know that the Future of Work is still about people.

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