The 3 C’s for Successful Return-to-Work Communication

May 26, 2020
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It’s been said that the difference between mere management and leadership is communication. In an Op-Ed in HR Executive Magazine, RGP CEO Kate Duchene addresses the communication assets HR professionals need to be leaders in their return-to-work planning for employees.

She offers insights into the “3 C’s” of HR communication—Credibility, Content and Cadence—as well as examples of RGP’s own experience during COVID-19, including cascading “top-down” communications starting with the C-Suite while also creating building channels for organic “bottoms-up” employee communication that shares information, highlights successes, and celebrates employees’ generous spirit during difficult times.

Although your company will likely respond to return-to-work challenges differently, Kate says one thing will never change: Persuasive communication will be absolutely critical to build trust not just for returning to work, but also for companies to reimagine their workplace—and workforce—in a post-pandemic world. Mere management won’t get you there. Leadership using persuasive communication can.

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