PMO Process Improvement

Client Initiative Situation How We Helped Outcome


Leading Direct Broadcast Satellite Service Provider and Broadcaster 



PMO (Project Management Office) Process Improvement



A leading satellite service provider had a high customer service rating from JDPowers, but challenges in the market, stiff competition, converging technologies, and some recent customer service issues were causing problems with customer retention and volume. Service problems included billing errors, sales confirmation letters with inaccurate agreement parameters, poor phone service and support.

At the root of the problem was the client’s IT organization, which, due to junior project managers and high turnover, had a poor relationship with the business. 


How We Helped

The client decided on a strategy of shifting to outside contractors for Project Manager (PM) roles, and engaged RGP to provide accomplished PMs to help in their IT organization. RGP also provided a financial analyst to work with the client’s Sales Operations Finance group and a recruiter to help find additional permanent PMs.

  • We put together a blueprint for a new Commercial Sales Operations group (with both functional and technical capabilities) to sell programs to commercial customers.
  • We led an effort to clean up and enhance the client’s legacy commercial billing system and aided in the selection of a new system that addressed both budget and resource requirements.
  • One of our PMs (since converted to permanent employee status) led a Credits and Commitments program for retail customers, impacting the client’s ability to up-sell existing plans.
  • Working with the Sales Operations Finance group, we responded to ad hoc requests for sales & operations analysis.
  • We turned around crisis projects that had not been delivered due to poor project management.


Working in close collaboration with the client, we drove the project to a successful close on time and on budget. The client now has strong relationships between business and IT and capable project managers to foster the growing and changing nature of the PMO.