Better Care Through Applied Informatics

Client Initiative Situation How We Helped Outcome


Regional Healthcare Provider



Clinical Informatics Implementation



For the standardization and regionalization of their Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system, our Client needed a team of strong Project Managers to lead and collaborate with their Clinical Informatics project teams to deploy various EMR interface applications.


How We Helped

Serving as lead Project Managers, RGP developed project plans to manage seven distinct projects comprised of the following areas:

  • Implement iLaunch to access MobiLab Desktop and Healthline images from Meditech.
  • Deploy a speech recognition application to allow verbal dictation to patient records by Clinicians.
  • Deploy MobiLab handhelds used for Lab and nursing personnel for work list and printing of patient labels at bedside.
  • Configure visual flow sheets for Wound Care, DrFirst and latric iLaunch initial activation.
  • Provide medication reconciliation and discharge medications.
  • Extract Intelligent Medical Objects (IMOs) from Meditech so the dictionaries could be remapped to proper codes and reloaded to Meditech (MU compliance project).
  • Integrate Krames patient education application with Meditech to enable printing of patient exit education/instruction.

Additionally, we:​​

  • Utilized a project management methodology to facilitate keeping the project on track and on budget.
  • Managed Client staff and outside vendors as needed.
  • Worked with the vendor Project Manager for all project-related tasks including communications, interfaces, testing, training and rollout.
  • Coordinated all aspects of the project rollout.


RGP’s Project Team contributions:                

  • Created processes and procedures associated with patient care (latric Visual Flow Sheets).
  • Improved process for worklists and printing of patient labels at bedside (Iatric Mobilab).
  • Improved process for patient exit instructions (Krames Integration)
  • Provided compliance to Meaningful Use Standards (IMO).
  • Improved access to wound care videos and data in Meditech (Healthline Wound Care).

With RGP’s leadership and project execution, our Client’s standardization of this initiative was successfully implemented to the first of three regions and we created training and development for the Client’s other regions once the project was implemented.