Ashley Brown

Director, Cybersecurity & Data Privacy

Years' Experience

Data privacy expert. Skilled in territory-specific compliance. Certified personal trainer.

Ashley’s Perspective

With all the new uses of technology we have to remember when data is collected we need to protect it so people don't get hurt.

More About Ashley

Ashley joined the RGP family in 2019. She received her bachelor’s in business management from George Mason University. As RGP’s Manager of Data Privacy & Cybersecurity, Ashley also holds certifications in project and privacy management. She lives in Irvine, California, where she enjoys cycling, swimming and horseback riding.

3 Questions

What is the most exciting thing on the horizon for your area of expertise?

I'm excited that data privacy has become more top of mind for society. Privacy is shifting from compliance with the law to companies caring about their relationship with their customers and building trust with them.

What do you think is the most important quality for leadership to have?

Trust and respect. You should be able to trust the direction your leader is taking the person and know they respect you.

Why RGP?

The people are just different. There is no arrogance or elitism, which allows us to accomplish great work while maintaining high standards. Everyone has each other's back.

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